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English Hops

Fuggle T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

Fuggle T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

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Minty, Floral, Earthy

It has a wonderful, delicate, minty, grassy and slightly floral aroma.

Fuggle bittering characteristics are described as well rounded, classic and green tea.

About Fuggle Hops

Fuggle is revered as the classic English aroma hop and is often used in conjunction with Goldings. It can be used as a main copper hop and is also used for dry hopping.

Released in 1875 by Mr Richard Fuggle of Brenchley in Kent, England, from a seedling selected in 1861.

This is a 5Kg foil-sealed pack of T90 pellets. They are cool-chained from picking to posting.

Alpha  5%
Beta 2-4%
Cohumulone 27-33%
Total Oils 0.7-1.1%
Myrcene 25-30%
Humulene 30-38%
Farnesene 6-8%

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