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Ernest T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

Ernest T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

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Aroma hop. Gentle soft stone fruits, apricot aroma with citrus & all spice on the palette.

About Ernest

Ernest has a lovely new world characteristic, which produces a very intriguing and complex flavour, with gentle soft stone fruits, apricot aroma with citrus & spice on the palette.

Craft beer brewers are crying out for a hop like Ernest. It has a different and exciting taste that isn’t used too much, making it a rare commodity in the brewer’s world. Ernest can add a lot to a beer if you want intense flavours, which many craft beer brewers want nowadays. This hop could be the key to many new craft beers. It has a strong taste that is perfect for bittering. We think it is high time that Ernest came to the forefront of modern-day craft brewing, it is a very exciting hop that has never really seen the light of day, and we want that to change!

This is a 5Kg foil-sealed pack of T90 pellets. They are cool-chained from picking to posting.

Alpha  4.4%
Beta 4.5-5%
Cohumulone 50-55%
Total Oils 0.7-1.1%
Myrcene 55%
Humulene 10%
Farnesene Trace
Selinenes Trace

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