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Endeavour T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

Endeavour T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

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Blackcurrant, Loganberry, Spicy, Grapefruit, Lime

Endeavour is a new wonderfully citrusy Hedgerow Hop that is creating a lot of interest and excitement. It has good storage stability. Mixed blackcurrant, loganberry and spice notes best describe Endeavour’s aroma, with a wonderful grapefruit and lime flavour. It is gentler than Cascade.


With what’s been brewed so far, well rounded and fruity is a good description.


Bred at Wye Hops in the UK, it is a cross between Cascade and a Hedgerow Hop.

This is a 5Kg foil-sealed pack of T90 pellets. They are cool-chained from picking to posting.

Alpha  9.62%
Beta 3.8-5.3%
Cohumulone 30-36%
Total Oils 1.1-1.7%
Myrcene 27-37%
Humulene 3-10%
Farnesene 5-8%
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