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East Kent Golding T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

East Kent Golding T90 Hop Pellets - 5Kg

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Floral, Slightly Spicy, Honey. Earthy

Unique, protected geographical origin aroma/ dual purpose hop grown purely in East Kent. Orange marmalade, gentle sweet tangerine aroma notes mixed with peppery, spicy, warm nutmeg with hints of thyme on taste. We pair EKG with First Gold to give our signature Kentish ales a unique ‘Kentish’ style which have protected geographical origin themselves.

Synonymous with Goldings, East Kent Goldings is a quintessentially British Hop and is a delicious example of the gentle aromas that traditional English Hops produce. It is good for bittering and later hopping.

East Kent Goldings was developed from the Canterbury Whitebine variety in the late 1700’s. Canterbury is a town in Kent, England.  Goldings consists of several clonal variants known by the name of either the original grower or their village.  It has been sold as East Kent Goldings since 1838. It is grown exclusively in East Kent by a handful of growers. It is a tall hop with loose low yielding cones.

This is a 5Kg foil-sealed pack of T90 pellets. They are cool-chained from picking to posting.

Alpha  4.6%
Beta 1.9-3%
Cohumulone 25-30%
Total Oils 0.4-0.8%
Myrcene 25%
Humulene 36%
Farnesene Trace

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