Hops for Craft Breweries

If you’re looking for English Hops in T90 Pellets form, have a look at what we have on sale today in 5Kg packs. We also have stocks of other varieties in loose hop bales, which can be sold in 5Kg vacuum packs. Get in touch and we can tell you what’s immediately available.

Hops for Regional Breweries

We regularly work directly with large breweries. Contact us for a discussion on how we can help.  Buying direct from growers can make sure your hops have traceability.  We can arrange forward contracts or spot purchases.

Import and Exporting English Hops

We have strong links with International shipping merchants and can arrange shipments of any size of hop bales or packs, from our 5Kg packs through to containers for multiple bales. For larger quantities, get in touch to discuss best options.

Buying from English Hops

Quality is our number one priority at English Hops. Traceability and accountability are fundamental in our process for quality assurance. Freshly picked hops allows us to monitor consistency and we cool-chain our hops to maintain their freshness for longer.  All English Hops are tested for Pesticide Residue and Heavy Metals before being offered for sale. 

Why use a hop contract?

Getting your supply chains secure is vital for consistent and large quantities of beer and establishing growth and reliability as a brewery. We can help you get started with hop contracts for the coming year. This will ensure timely and reliable delivery at an agreed price, so you can brew on schedule for your customers and business. 

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