Cool-Chaining English Hops

Cool-Chaining English Hops

Cool-Chaining Hops for Quality

To keep their freshness after picking, hops grown by English Hops growers are packed into RB60 bales for storage and transportation.

These bales can then be converted into 5kg vacuum packs raw hops or 5kg T90 pellets for easier and more efficient transportation. Packing leaf hops and hop pellets into foil bags with a CO2/Nitrogen gas flushed protects them from light and oxygen ingress stabilising the aroma and alpha. Taking these steps along with temperature management via our cool chain system helps to prevent our products deteriorating.

For temperature management, cool-chaining the hops reduces the oxidation of the cones and pellets, keeping the hops at their best, for longer. This means a refrigerated supply chain. Keeping hops refrigerated below 8ºC as English Hops does, keeps the alpha acid and hop oils in good condition for longer, the main factors for determining the hop (and beer) flavours.

Craft breweries looking for packs of 5Kg hop pellets can order directly from our website. For larger quantities, we would recommend getting in touch with what you’re looking for. Buying direct from the growers at English Hops means we can connect brewers with growers for their needs.

English Hops in Cold Storage
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