2016 IBD British Hop Competition

2016 IBD British Hop Competition


The judges met in November 2016 at English Hops Ltd, Hop Pocket, Lane, Paddock Wood. Kent.

The judging panel comprised of (from left to right) …….

John Bexon, Consultant Master Brewer, Mark Slater, Head Brewer at Theakston Brewery, Dan Griffiths, IBD Technical Officer, Shane McNamara, IBD Technical Officer, Ciaran Giblin, Head Brewer at Meantime Brewery and Derek Prentice, Head Brewer at Wimbledon Brewery.

This year they were faced with 168 samples, across 27 varieties of British Hops, all excellently prepared and presented.

The judges were keen to highlight that their decisions were made on their abilities first and foremost as brewers and that their selection of winning samples were based upon a number of criteria, which included.

  • Trueness to Variety Type
  • Quality and Intensity of Aroma
  • Disease and Pest Free
  • Presentation of Samples

Samples are always presented ‘Blind’ and categories are judged from low to high intensity aroma.  All of the samples are inspected by all of the judges and the top three in each class are selected by agreement after debate and voting.

The growers representing English Hops Ltd enjoyed noteworthy success and the results were as follows;

Class A: The Le May Cup - awarded for the best sample of Goldings and eligible clones.

1st - S J Adams & Son (Goldings)

2nd - S J Adams & Son (Goldings)

Class B: The Hop Merchants Cup - awarded for the best sample of hops (from each individual category) bought on the basis of their aroma character, irrespective of Alpha Acid content.

Category A: High Aroma Intensity

1st - T G Redsell Ltd (UK Cascade)

Category B: Strong Aroma Intensity

2nd - C R & G Daws (Challenger)

3rd - J W Spilsbury & Co (Challenger)

Category C: Delicate Aroma Intensity

1st - Little Pell Farm (Pilgrim)

3rd - Clive & Richard Edmed (First Gold)

Class C: The Brewers Cup - awarded for the best sample of hops that are bought primarily for their high Alpha Acid content.

1st – S T Tipples (Admiral)

2nd – H M Batt (Admiral)

Class D:  The Wigan Cup - awarded for the best sample of Fuggles.

3rd – T G Redsell Ltd

Class E: The Barth Haas Cup - awarded for the best sample of Dwarf/Hedgerow variety.

1st -  L E Humphreys & Sons (Boadicea)

3rd – Clive & Richard Edmed (Sovereign)

Class F: The Grower’s Challenge Bowl - awarded for the best sample of new English grown variety.

3rd – Pridewood Hops (UK Chinook)

Overall Champion

T G Redsell Ltd for their sample of UK Cascade – selected by the judges for its vivid intensity and excellent presentation.

Antony Rudgard-Redsell and Tony Redsell OBE receiving their award for the Overall Champion Sample of UK Cascade from Dr Jerry Avis, CEO of The Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD)

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