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With aromas of lemon and spice, Pilot is also known for its marmalade flavour.

Bittering Characteristics

Pilot has a wonderfully refreshing, clean and crisp bittering.

About Pilot

With an essential oil that is distinctively different to other British hops, Pilot works well as a bittering or late aroma hop.

Breeding of Pilot

Bred at Horticulture Research International (HRI) Wye College in the UK and released in 2001. A high yielding Hedgerow variety, Pilot has a tolerance to wilt, but is susceptible to both Downy and Powdery mildews. It has good storage stability.

Alpha 8-11%
Beta 3.3-5.0%
Cohumulone 35%
Total Oils 0.8-1.5%
Myrcene 35-40%
Humulene 3.5%
Farnesene Trace