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Pioneer’s aroma characteristics include a distinctly hoppy, yet pleasant lemon and grapefruit aroma, with cedar and herbal flavour notes.

Bittering Characteristics

Pioneer’s bittering characteristics are crisp, refreshing and clean.

About Pioneer

Pioneer has a high flavour intensity and is suitable as a bittering and late aroma hop.

Breeding of Pioneer

Pioneer was bred at Horticulture Research International, Wye College in the UK released originally in 1996. It is a high alpha, high yielding variety and is a very acceptable substitute for many other hops used for kettle hopping. Pioneer is a Hedgerow variety with a good tolerance to wilt, but is susceptible to both Downy and Powdery mildews. It has very good storage stability.

Alpha 8.5-10.5%
Beta 3.5-4.5%
Cohumulone 36%
Total Oils 1.0-1.8%
Myrcene 35%
Humulene 18-25%
Farnesene Trace%